Why Choose Easytanks for Rainwater Harvesting?

Number One Reason: They are the BEST type of tank –Stainless Steel Tanks are Durable, Reliable and will outlive any other type of tank

Providing quality watertanks that will last for years and years is our priority, which is why we only supply tanks made from food grade stainless steel. Our tanks won’t bend, they won’t bulge, they won’t buckle and they won’t let sunlight spoil your precious rainwater

  • Easytanks are made from food grade Stainless Steel.  This basically makes the tank corrosion proof, which is why they outlive anyother type of tank.
  • Easy Rainwater tanks have a corrugated profile that  look great. Most of us are proud of our homes - why not have a watertank that matches?
  • Easytanks have consistent wall thickness and strength & will not bulge when filled. Tanks made from other materials have been known to fail as a result of inconsistent manufacturing processes which can cause critically thin walls
  • Stainless steel tanks are completely unaffected by extreme UV rays, unlike some other tanks which break down over time. With light penetration also comes algae which can spoil your water & may damage your pump
  • Stainless Steel tanks won't taint the taste of your drinking water - fully food grade approved. When it comes to plastic tanks - the jury is still out on the question of long term water quality
  • Along with the superior strength of Stainless steel, is the adaptability that Easytanks tanks can be made to almost any shape & size to fit those awkward spots... slimline shape, round or square.
  • Easy Stainless steel tanks are completely non-flammable and certainly won't melt or emit toxic fumes during a fire.
  • For those who are interested – Easytanks are also 100% recyclable making them more enviro-friendly than other materials.

Easytanks Jumbo Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

1000 L to 30000L

Manufactured with a true, deep corrugated profile and extra wide sheets, these are robust tanks with minimal seams and a classic round look. Easy Tanks – Jumbo can be manufactured to your specific dimensions for optimal space utilization

Space saving rainwater tank made suit tight spaces.

Easytanks Slimline Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

2000L to 7000 L

Slimline tanks are oval shaped which allows for placement in tight spaces, underneath stairs or against walls and fences where a conventional round rain water tank just wont

The freedom and choice is yours. Your rain water tank will be made to suit your home, so you can select the location of the fittings to make the plumbing as simple and neat as possible.

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